Foundation Degree Animal Management and Behaviour

Are you passionate about working with animals? A foundation degree in Animal Management and Behaviour provides the perfect route into a range of careers working with pets, exotic animals, livestock and wildlife.

The animal care sector is a rewarding industry to grow and develop in. Approximately 110,000 people are currently employed across a diverse range of professions. By 2024, this is estimated to increase by 3.2%, with particular employment growth predicted in the animal services sector. And with roughly 1,800 currently employed within the Leeds region and predicted to grow over the next few years, this course offers a wonderful way to turn your love of animals into a blossoming career.


About this course

This Foundation Degree in Animal Management and Behaviour is tailored to prepare you for employment within the industry. Mostly delivered at Temple Newsam’s Home Farm, it’s an exciting new course designed to give you hands-on experience of raising farm animals and observing wildlife. You will experience a variety of ecological sites across the estate, whilst accessing one of the largest Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) farms in Europe. This particular RBST farm is home to an assortment of breeds, including Tamworth pigs, Kerry Hill sheep and Golden Guernsey goats, to name but a few. You will also have access to the animal care centre, which holds a number of species, including domestic and exotic animals.

We have worked closely with employers to develop a qualification that provides you with the practical skills and hands-on experience they are looking for. This includes practical modules in husbandry, exotic animal welfare, companion animal training, conservation and sustainability, as well as enterprise within the sector.

Alongside developing your knowledge, skills and understanding of the land-based sector, you will also develop your academic, employability and entrepreneurial skills.

This course is validated by Luminate Education Group

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£7,950 full-time (per academic year) - For home students commencing study in 2023

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Temple Newsam Home Farm

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Start Date

18th September 2023

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2 years full-time

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Course Code

UCAS Course Code: D301
UCAS Institution Code: L21

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Study Mode

Full Time

Modules may include:

Year 1 (Level 4)

  • Academic and Professional Skills Development (20 credits)
    This module will provide you with the academic study and research skills needed to be successful in higher education.
  • Biological Systems (20 credits)
    Gain the underpinning knowledge of how the biological systems of animals function. This module is taught in the first semester so that knowledge can be utilised in future modules.
  • Introduction to Animal Behaviour (20 credits)
    By undertaking this module, you will develop a broad understanding of how animals behave and learn, as well as the biological processes that cause and regulate behaviour.
  • Practical Animal Husbandry and Handling (20 credits)
    Build your practical skills in maintaining and handling animals, ensuring you are ready for employment.
  • Exotic Animal Biology, Husbandry and Welfare (20 credits)
    The module will enhance your knowledge of keeping exotic animals and how to ensure their optimum welfare.
  • Conservation and Sustainability (20 credits)
    Acquire in-depth knowledge of conservation and biodiversity, as well as the skills required to scientifically study the natural environment.

Year 2 (Level 5)

  • Small Scale Research Project (20 credits)
    This is where you will undertake evidence-based research in order to monitor husbandry routines or identify areas requiring development in a business structure.
  • Animal Health and Disease (20 credits)
    Explore health and disease in a wide variety of species, identifying signs, symptoms and causes.
  • Companion Animal Training and Behaviour (20 credits)
    Using the behavioural knowledge acquired in year 1, you will develop this further alongside learning about animal training techniques.
  • Design and Management of Animal Collections (20 credits)
    Discover how large animal collections are managed and designed in order to balance the needs of animals, staff and visitors.
  • Welfare and Law (20 credits)
    You will focus on key welfare concerns within the sector, as well as statutory and non-statutory instruments that are used to maintain good animal welfare.
  • Enterprise in the Land-based Sector (20 credits)
    This module will develop your understanding of businesses within the land-base sector.