University Centre Leeds is offering a number of bursaries to support full-time students during their course.

Eligibility Criteria

The amount that students receive is based on their household income as follows:

£0 – £25,000 household income (as assessed by Student Finance) = £500 annual bursary from University Centre Leeds.

£25,001 – £42,600 household income (as assessed by Student Finance) = £250 annual bursary from University Centre Leeds.

The bursary does not apply to EU students who are eligible for the tuition fee loan only, or international students.

Students will not need to apply separately for this bursary; you do this while applying for your financial support through Student Finance England. Please agree to a household income assessment (a means test) and ‘agree to share’ the outcome of this assessment. Everyone who contributes to the household income and forms part of the assessment needs to agree to share the outcome. The assessment is carried out by Student Finance (England) and they provide the information to the College. Failure to do this will mean that Student Finance England will be unable to assess your eligibility for a bursary. You will then need to meet the College criteria of having 80% or above attendance and on being up to date with your work to be awarded the bursary. If you are successful, the amount awarded would be split into 2 payments to be paid to you, one at the end of each semester. More information on the criteria will be provided after your enrolment.


Bursary Appeals

If you're eligible to receive the college bursary, but it has been withheld because you are not up to date with work or are below the required attendance, then you may be able to appeal if you feel there are mitigating circumstances behind this. You can do so by filling in the following form.

Please note that you will only be able to submit the bursary appeal form from Friday 20th May 2022. The closing date for appeals will be Friday 3rd June 2022 at 3pm. Any appeal received after 3pm on the Friday 3rd June will not be considered.

Further Information

For further information regarding the bursary please see the Bursary Policy here.

Please see our Student Privacy Notice, this details what information we collect from you, why we process your information and who we share the information with in line with Data Protection Legislation.