Additional Course Costs

These may be optional or mandatory based on the course you apply for and are for resources that you may need to be able to study on your course such as materials for art-based courses, a kit for sports based courses or a DBS for those that require a placement. For information relevant to your course please visit the relevant course page which can be found at here.

Living Costs

Whether you will be living at home or moving away, you will be able to apply for a maintenance loan from Student Finance England (SFE) for your living costs, such as rent and bills. The amount you receive depends on your household income and where you live and study. Should you be eligible for a loan then it is paid directly into your bank account at the start of each term.

The maximum loan for living costs for 2021 entry is £9,488 per year for students living away from home and studying at a university outside of London. The equivalent loan rate for those living in the parental home during their studies is £7,987 per year.

Please note that the amount of maintenance loan you receive is dependent on household income. A maintenance loan entitlement is designed to contribute to your living costs, not to cover them entirely. Visit Understanding living costs while studying at university or college - GOV.UK ( for more information.

Travel expenses

If you plan on using public transport to get to college then you may wish to apply for a maintenance loan from Student Finance England to help to cover these costs. We would also advise that you may wish to check with the bus or train operator you would be traveling with to see if they offer any discounted tickets for students. If you require a letter confirming your student status, this can be provided once you have enrolled on to your chosen course.