Bursaries and Additional Financial Support

We're dedicated to helping our students get the most out of their time studying with us, which is why we have three financial support schemes in place: the University Centre Leeds Bursary, Care Experienced and Estranged Student Bursary and the Internal Progression Bursary. See below for further information and whether you're eligible.

University Centre Leeds Bursary

For students who choose to study with us on a full time basis, University Centre Leeds offers a bursary, which will be awarded to those who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your household income has been assessed by Student Finance England through a means tested assessment, falls below £42,600 
  • You are up to date with your work
  • You are a non-international student

Should you meet the above criteria, the amount you may be awarded is based on your household income as follows: 

Household income (as assessed by Student Finance England) 

Total bursary 

Semester 1 payment 

Semester 2 payment 

Less than £25,000 




£25,001 and £42,600 




You will not need to apply separately for this bursary; you do this while applying for your financial support through Student Finance England. Your income will automatically be assessed if you apply for a means tested maintenance loan.

Everyone who contributes to the household income and forms part of the assessment needs to agree to share the outcome. The assessment is carried out by Student Finance (England) and they provide the information to the College. Failure to do this will mean that Student Finance England will be unable to assess your eligibility for a bursary. 

If you do not wish to take out a higher loan you will need to complete a PFF2 form in order to have your income assessed. You can also apply for the higher loan but request zero or your desired amount in order to be assessed.

To qualify for the bursary you must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be up to date with your course work

If you are successful, the amount awarded would be split into 2 payments to be paid to you, one at the end of each semester. More information on the criteria will be provided after your enrolment. The payment dates for the academic year of 2023/24 are as follows:

  • Payment 1 - Friday 15th December 2023
  • Payment 2 - Friday 17th May 2024

If you're eligible to receive the University Centre bursary, but it has been withheld because you are not up to date with work or are below the required attendance, then you may be able to appeal if you feel there are mitigating circumstances behind this. You can do so by filling in  this form. 

For further information regarding the bursary please see the Bursary Policy here. 

To view our Access and Participation Plan please click here. 

Please see our Student Privacy Notice, this details what information we collect from you, why we process your information and who we share the information in line with Data Protection Legislation. 

Internal Progression Bursary

Leeds City College, Harrogate College and Keighley College students will now be supported when progressing to higher education at University Centre Leeds with an additional £1,000 bursary. 

This bursary is designed to support your educational journey, making it more accessible and financially feasible to continue your studies within the Luminate Education Group. 

In order to receive the Internal Progression Bursary you would need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must have successfully completed a full Level 3 Leeds City College, Harrogate College or Keighley College programme in the academic year prior to enrolling on to a degree programme at UC Leeds and must have achieved the necessary eligibility requirements for your chosen UC Leeds programme of study. 
  • The first instalment of £500 will be paid to you during the October of your first year of study after you have successfully enrolled on to the degree programme, obtained student finance confirmation and have a satisfactory attendance record. 
  • The second payment will be paid to you at the end of your first year of study and will be subject to successful completion and confirmation of progression onto your second year of study.

Please note:

  • Should you wish to withdraw from the course during your first year of study, you will not be liable for repayment of the first bursary payment. 
  • The bursary will only be paid into the account of the named student. 

Care Leavers and Care Experienced Student Bursary

Care leavers or those with care experience from the UK who are studying an undergraduate degree may be eligible for an annual bursary of £1000. This will be paid in two instalments of £500, the first in November and the second in April. To find out more, including full eligibility, please see our Support for Care Experienced Students page

Estranged Students Bursary

Students who are estranged from their family and from the UK who are studying an undergraduate degree may be eligible for an annual bursary of £1000. This will be paid in two instalments of £500, the first in November and the second in April. To find out more, including full eligibility, please see our Support for Estranged Students page

University Centre Leeds Hardship Fund

Our Hardship Fund provides additional financial help towards the essential costs associated with being a student. 

The Hardship Fund aims to help current students who experience financial hardship with their living costs and excludes any support towards tuition fees, continuation fees or resits.

Students can apply from September and will need to provide financial evidence when submitting their application.

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