BA (Hons) Sports Coaching graduate – Chloe Wainwright-Morley

I chose to do the BA Sports Coaching Top-Up at Leeds City College because of the excellent tutor support and smaller group numbers. This allowed me to achieve my goals and work towards a career in Physical Education (PE). The tutors were also extremely supportive and accommodating when I was carrying out sporting duties for various sporting organisations

FdA Sports Coaching graduate – Isaac Baldwin

I chose Leeds City College because it has given me the opportunity to complete a foundation degree in Sports Coaching. I hope to complete a one-year top-up degree and achieve a full degree in Sports Coaching. It's been amazing because it has also allowed me to work and get valuable coaching experience. I've just started coaching at Huddersfield Town and Foot-Tech Academy. In addition, it's worked alongside my football, as I'm still able to train three times a week during the day and play games at FC Halifax Town.

FdSc Sports Performance graduate - James Coupland

When it came to deciding what course I wanted to do at university, I knew that I was keen to study a sports science degree which covered a wide variety of sport related topics. This is why I chose the sports performance degree at Leeds City College. During my time here, I have enjoyed studying areas that include sport psychology, nutrition and the management of athletes. Upon completion of this degree, I will have gained the skills and knowledge in a wide variety of topics which I can then utilise when I apply for my Masters degree in Sports Nutrition. The support from the tutors has been excellent and the online university intranet has high quality resources to help with my studies. One of the amazing benefits this course provides, is an opportunity to work-abroad. I was fortunate enough to travel to Sweden for three weeks and during my time there, I was able to transfer my theoretical knowledge into practical sessions when working with athletes. My experience there was unforgettable and will certainly contribute to my future career.

BSc Sports Performance and PGCE - Tom Boldy

I have been on trips abroad to Austria and Sweden. I worked in a ski shop in Austria, this was an amazing experience and it developed my confidence and vital workplace skills. I was fortunate enough to visit Sweden and work within a secondary school, my role was to work within the Sports and English department. This had a big impact on my career choice as it swayed me in to wanting to become a teacher and it also provided me with the opportunity of making relationships that will last a lifetime.

What made you study your course (both Sport Performance and PGCE)?

I chose to study the Sports Performance course at Leeds City College because I had a scholarship playing football for the IAFE (International Football Academy) and they had a partnership with the college at the time. The PGCE was to develop my skills as the aim is to become a teacher, hopefully at LCC in the future.

Why did you choose to study at the University Centre at Leeds City College?

I picked the PGCE course at the University Centre because of the relationships and support I received on the foundation and top up degree. The tutors went above and beyond to assist with any issues I had. I am truly grateful to the sports department as well.

What have you enjoyed most about studying at the University Centre at Leeds City College?

The University Centre is a very friendly and relaxed environment. It has all the facilities one needs to make both the academic and social journey worthwhile.

What work experience have you completed whilst at college and what have you gained from these experiences?

I worked in Austria and Sweden. I had a job in a ski shop in Austria. I also got the opportunity to go to Sweden and work in a secondary school, teaching sport and English. It developed my confidence and helped me to discover my passion for teaching.

What are you hoping to do after your PGCE?

I’m hoping to become a sport or welfare teacher within a college, teaching 16-18 learners.

Tell us a little bit about your mental health campaign?

I have a mental health illness and I know the struggle and negative effect it can have on a person's academic and social life. I have presented talks to all Higher Education tutors at the University Centre, written blog posts and produced videos on how people can help themselves, friends and family members. I have also recently put plans in place to hold talks within secondary schools in Bradford and Leeds and I will also be holding more talks at the University Centre.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to study sport or a PGCE?

If you enjoyed sport at school, you will love the sports performance course at Leeds City College. If you have a passion for developing people and being part of their growth, then a PGCE is for you. The staff are also very supportive.