FD Photography graduate – Michelle Hodgson

Wanting a creative career and starting from an art background, I came across this course and decided to take a chance. I started the course with very little photographic knowledge and being honest I couldn't even work my camera. From the first day I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on this course and it has pushed me to learn and absorb the skills I wanted to achieve. The tutors have given me endless support and have become role models, pushing me to strive more for my future career. In the first two years I loved all the different aspects of photography covered from the
darkroom to studio techniques.

In this short time I have become devoted to photography and now I work as a full time freelance photographer; the course has enabled me to have my dream job. I now work for myself as a commercial photographer, shooting weddings, events for 'BMW and Mini' and all styles of studio

Starting this course and having to leave my full time job was a very difficult decision, but it was the best decision I have ever made. Becoming and growing as a photographer is the best job I could ever wish for, capturing life's greatest moments and seeing the world is only a small part of it and this course has opened the door to a whole new world of amazing opportunities that were not possible for me before. It has not only given me the skills but has also prepared me to run a business and have confidence due to gaining a wide awareness of the photographic industry.

I have truly been transformed, and would say to anyone that wants a future in photography not to hesitate and take a chance it could just be the best decision of your life!

BA (Hons) Photography student - Curtis Young

After 20 plus years of working as a chef I was looking to change my career and become a photographer. The course introduced me to a professional fashion photographer and I was given the amazing opportunity to assist in his studio. The knowledge and experience this gave me was incredible and before the end of my first year I was quoting for and successfully winning work. This course has taught me how to think more creatively and how to communicate with other photographers and prospective clients.