FD Health and Wellbeing Graduate – Taiwo Akin-Tepede

"I want to say a million thanks to you for the privilege given to study FD Health and Well Being. At last, level 4 Health and Well Being has made way for me to be admitted to study Bsc Occupational Therapy. All the modules such as Anatomy and Physiology, Working in the Healthcare profession and Communication and Interpersonal Skills for The Healthcare Professional has helped me to settle down quickly on the course and learn at a faster pace than all other class mates."

"Fortunately, all the modules I did were considered as basic modules required in other for me to be admitted to the course and Nursing. The 10 hours mandatory weekly work placement gave me the experience required to study Occupational Therapy."

"If anyone wants to be healthcare professionals, they need to have at least 60 average score and have a positive attitude to do level 4 as it can make way for them to study the course they love and take them to the next level in healthcare profession. I would have come back for level 5 as I plan to do my masters in Social Work. FD Health and Well Being has so many opportunities. Level 4 Health and Well Being is a foundation block to reach your career destination in healthcare sector."

"On a final note, I am grateful for the privilege to study Level 4 Health and Well Being. Pam, you have been an amazing award leader, teacher, mentor, motivator and always ready to go extra mile to make sure we are all in the right track. Tina has been amazing as well and will always remember the health promotion campaign that gave me confidence to speak to large number of people."

"Health and Well Being level 4 is a way maker for me. Once again thank you."