Myfanwy Shields - Leadership & Management

“The University Centre is close to home so I don’t have to move out or worry about transport. I would definitely recommend applying through Clearing. It’s actually a really simple process and everyone you speak to on the phone is clear about the steps you have to take. You can speak to the tutor about the course to make sure it’s right for you, I felt it was an informal conversation which definitely makes you feel less nervous and at ease.” 

Nijam Uddin Mohammed - Leadership & Management

“I’m really grateful to University Centre Leeds for giving me the chance to do a degree. I’ve had great dreams all of my life to do a degree and without their help I wouldn’t be here today.” - read more

Graduate Comments

"The quality of the teaching and pastoral support is excellent. Staff are knowledgeable in their subject areas and welcome discussion on contentious issues. Feedback is timely, detailed, and constructive. Certain topics within modules are absolutely fascinating. The skills and practice modules are fantastic opportunities to understand the sector and gain an invaluable head start if wishing to study further."

"The tutors are brilliant, they take a lot of time and care to ensure everyone is achieving their goals, they enjoy teaching the course and this makes the students."

"Group work and debates were extremely useful in gathering different perceptions on subject matter. Tutors made the modules interesting and relevant. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and took a great deal from the learning."