Additional Learning Support

We provide advice and support to disabled students, this includes those with physical disabilities, medical conditions, sensory impairments, autistic spectrum conditions and specific learning difficulties like dyslexia. We can also support you to apply for DSA if you need to.

The University Centre welcomes all students with disabilities and learning difficulties and we want all our students to succeed and achieve their full potential. Support can include study skills sessions, adapted materials, assistive technology, assistance with mobility, help with applying for DSA (Disabled Students' Allowance) and signposting to relevant external support providers.

Disabled Students’ Allowance, or DSA as you will hear it be called, is a grant paid by your funding body that can help to support you during your time studying with us. DSA is not a loan, so you do not have to pay this back. It can pay for services, support and equipment. You can be eligible for this grant if you have a physical disability, learning difficulty, mental health condition or sensory impairment. You can find out more about if you qualify for this through the government website, or by looking on YourDSA.