Linda Cawthorne - Head of Department

Linda has substantial experience of managing the training of childcare and social care professionals on a wide range of vocational courses at Leeds City College. Linda has specialised in working with children, young people and their families in social disadvantage and has studied a Masters in this field of work. She is interested in action research, and how this can influence workplace practices.

Jacquie McPartlan - Level 6 Course Leader

Jacquie has specialised in social exclusion and working with families. She has previously been a project worker with children, young people and their families experiencing social exclusion. Jacquie has been the Chair of a local Children’s Centre Advisory Board. Jacquie’s interests lie in contemporary discourses affecting children and families.

Asam Siddiq - Lecturer

Asam has substantial experience of supporting young people in residential care and with adults with substance misuse issues. Asam’s specific interest is in legal aspects of social policy and how these present themselves in practice.

Dr Tina Craddock - Lecturer

Tina is from a health and science research background, specialising in immunology. She has an undergraduate degree in Applied Biology and a PhD in Immunology Tina’s interest lies in anthropological studies of diabetes and autoimmunity and the effect of malaria on the evolution of the immune system.

Rachel Minshull - Lecturer

Rachel Minshull has a BA (Hons) in Combined Social Sciences and has Post Graduate qualifications in Disability Studies and teaching. She has been teaching in the field of Health and Social Care since 2010. Her previous employment roles include working with people with learning disabilities and mental health issues as well as in an advisory and welfare capacity. These have all had a large emphasis on the importance of safeguarding vulnerable adults and children.