Lecturer - Elizabeth Kalverda

Elizabeth Kalverda is a former research scientist with particular interest in the proteomics and targeted molecular disruption of ligand binding activity of proteins. She has worked in laboratories at the cutting edge of the field in London, Leeds and United States of America. This research has included the development of innovative site-specific drug delivery systems with potential for human application.

Lecturer - Christopher Workman

Christopher Workman has been teaching Chemistry for Leeds City College since 2001, on a variety of programmes including Access to HE diploma courses and a Science Foundation Year taught in Leeds City College for the University of Leeds.

Before joining Leeds City College, he worked in the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds (where his research interests included the chemistry of boron hydrides and work on nonoxide ceramic materials).

Lecturer - Mihaela Stanescu

Mihaela Stanescu has been teaching Biology at Leeds City College since 2011, primarily on the Access to HE diploma programme. Prior to this Mihaela worked in the Biotechnology industry supervising bioprocesses and after that worked as a research scientist in mainland Europe.

Lecturer - Gary Dickinson

Gary Dickinson has been a specialist Mathematics tutor at Leeds City College since 2002 teaching on a range of programmes including the Access HE diploma, A-level and Science Foundation Year taught at Leeds City College for the University of Leeds.