Tom Poultney - Head of HE Creative Arts

Tom is Head of Creative Arts at University Centre at Leeds City College but is also an artist from Birmingham. He researches and uses art about internet culture, folk art and functional art.

Research Interests:

  • Memes
  • Internet culture
  • Folk art
  • Surveillance
  • Phenomenology

Tony O'Keeffe - Lecturer

Tony O'Keeffe is a specialist fine art tutor currently working on the Creative Arts and Concept Art for Computer Games courses at University Centre Leeds.

Tony is a practising artist across many two dimensional forms including painting (traditional) and digital applications that focus on drawing.

Current research explores CCTV and its ability to provide unique source material.

Tim Balmforth - Deputy Head of HE Creative Arts

Research Interests: Sound and Music for Interactive Games. An exploration of Composition, Sound Design and Implementation in an interactive game environment. The role of sound in video games to enhance the user experience and aid immersion into the game world. Practising Landscape photographer.

Adam Harrison - Programme Manager

Research Interests: Games Art and the Depiction of Photorealistic Textures for use in real time Game Engine renderers. Currently undertaking research into Teaching Practice and Methodologies. Use of Gamification and Gaming to aid an educational institute.

Ed Hanley - Lecturer

Game's development and investigation into the latest tools and techniques. Actively working in the games industry with leading developers and incorporating industry standard workflows and techniques into the curriculum.

Matt Price - Lecturer

Teaching professional development, production management and game engines. Researching the use of virtual reality for the strategy game genre. Additional interests include military history and 3D.

Rob Reed - Lecturer

Chomsky and the Stand Up Comedian. A postmodern approach to the role of the comedian as prophet in contemporary culture.

John Pearson - Lecturer

John Pearson lecturers on the Illustration and Graphic Design pathway of FD Art Enterprise, and has worked extensively in education across the north over the last eight years.

John is a freelance Illustrator, muralist and comic book artist, with current research focused on experimental sequential art, creative process for public engagement and  screen printed poster design.

Bobby Wrigley - Lecturer

Matthew Glanville - Lecturer