Nicola Johnson - Head of Department

Nicola is the Head of HE Law, Leadership & Business. She oversees the running of the department and her responsibilities include setting budgets, target setting, managing staff, ensuring compliance with the various regulations and managing resources.

Programme Manager - Stephanie Ravanis

I have worked in tourism, both in the UK and overseas, in a range of sales and marketing roles and have been teaching travel and tourism for over 20 years. I am fascinated by the way in which the tourism and aviation industries continue to adapt, develop and evolve, to meet the ongoing
challenges they face.

Current research interests include the changing role of human resources and the influence of digital media on tourism and aviation.

Tracey Principessa - Lecturer

I have been teaching since 1997 but prior to this spent a lot of time working abroad in the tourism sector. When I returned to the UK I worked part time for a tour operator specialising in holidays to France and Italy and trained to be a teacher. I speak Italian, French and a little Spanish.

My research interests lie in the digital marketing, social media and new technology and its relationship between Tourism and Aviation organisations and the customer including CRM, customer service and the overall customer journey.

Leah Hughes - Lecturer

After graduating from university, I gained experience overseas working as an Overseas Resort Representative and Overseas Office Manager in Rhodes, Greece. I then went on to work as airline cabin crew for two leading UK airlines.

My research interests include analysing critical tourism and aviation incidents that have a major impact upon organisations and their operations. I am also a keen follower of overseas opportunities and the expansion and development of the cruise market.