Art Enterprise Staff Profile

Tom Poultney - Head of HE Creative Arts

Tom Poultney is the Head of Department for Higher Education Creative Arts. Tom has worked across the Art Enterprise and Photography degrees at Leeds City College.

Tom is a practicing artist and is interested in many forms of creative practice; current research is focussed on internet culture, and particularly the creation of online communities through the development of new forms of communication.

Research Interests:

  • Memes
  • Internet culture
  • Folk art
  • Surveillance
  • Phenomenology

Sarah Bateman - Award Leader

Sarah Bateman is the Programme Manager for Higher Education Art Enterprise and Art enterprise (graphic design and illustration).

Sarah is a practising artist and is the interested in many forms of creative practice; current research is focused on objects or artefacts that demonstrate ideas of loss and memory. Sarah exhibits under her maiden name Sarah Giles.

Research Interests:

● Feminine aesthetics
● Nostalgia
● Object and memory
● Medieval tabernacles

Amy Fishlock - Course Leader

Amy Fishlock is Course Leader for the Higher Education Art Enterprise, Art Enterprise (Graphic Design & Illustration) and Art Enterprise (Fashion & Textiles) course at University Centre Leeds.

Amy is interested semiotic and literary theory and her current research focuses on relations between post-structuralist approaches to linguistics and digital reading. Other interests include music, critical theory and deconstruction.

Research Interests:

● Deconstruction
● Sound
● Illustration
● Linguistics

Tony O’Keefe - Lecturer

Tony O'Keeffe is a specialist fine art tutor currently working on the Creative Arts and Concept Art for Computer Games courses at University Centre Leeds.

Tony is a practising artist across many two dimensional forms including painting (traditional) and digital applications that focus on drawing. Current research explores CCTV and its ability to provide unique source material.

Research Interests:

● Painting
● Illustration
● Narrative
● Digital applications in traditional practice.

Tony Baker - Lecturer

For his art practice Tony takes photographs, makes videos, writes and performs music, produces art,, creates illustrations, curates exhibitions, designs stuff, writes stories, makes books, prints posters and writes jokes.

He has just completed a monograph of his work, Fountain 2017 (a celebration of Marcel Duchamp's Fountain), Campaign (a series of digital prints) and Photoresponse #3, the third collaborative project that he has worked on with artist/photographer, Peter Heaton.

Research Interests:

● Curating as practice
● Abstract photographic practice
● Illustration and design

Steven Swinney - Lecturer

Steven Swinney is a designer and educator that explores design, image and typography in a context of sociopolitical structures. He is a Graphic Design tutor at the University Centre of Leeds City College. Steven has lectured in a variety of creative institutions and balances this with a current graphic design and conceptual art practice. He has forthcoming exhibitions in Athens, Greece and Glasgow, Scotland and recently had an exhibition of experimental typography in Leeds.

He is interested in how traditional art school teaching methodologies can be applied in un-traditional environments to assist disadvantaged groups. This culminated in the presentation of a paper at The Glasgow School of Art. He is the co-founder of the self-organised design school The After School and is a member of, and the designer of, the co-operative photography journal NOTES: Letters to Photography.

Research interests:

● Language and typography
● Self-publishing as artistic practice
● The post-purpose-poster
● Books / what is a book?
● Mental health
● Mapping

Amelia Chester - Lecturer

Amelia Chester is a fashion tutor for the Art Enterprise (Fashion & Textiles) course at University Centre Leeds, and the UAL Level 1, 2 and 3 Diplomas at Leeds City College. She has worked in the fashion design industry for eight years and has comprehensive experience of luxury and high street sectors.

Amelia is a practising designer; current projects include creating a modern accessories brand that celebrates traditional craftsmanship.

Research Interests:

● Ethical and sustainable fashion
● Craftsmanship and handicrafts
● Illustration and design
● Development and manufacturing


Jaime Slater - Technician

Jaime is the technician for HE Creative Arts department. Graduating with a Contemporary Arts Degree in 2013, she has developed her practice both on her own and previously as part of a collective. She enjoys large scale installation projects and has worked closely with the local venues and the local music scene to create site specific environments.


● Squinting and peepholes
● Immersive environments
● Fabricating strange worlds