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Teacher Training at University Centre Leeds

UC Leeds offers an array of teaching courses. So if you want to specialise in English or study a Masters in Education, there’s something to suit everybody.

University Centre Leeds aims to provide a fully immersive teaching experience, by giving you access to employment and professional development opportunities in the Education and Training sector, specifically with partner education providers across the Luminate Education Group. 

In addition to hands-on experience, UC Leeds equips you with innovative teaching and learning strategies such as collaborative teaching that they can enact in classrooms, regardless of which curriculum you go on to teach. 

Bag a Bursary

In addition to a supportive environment and access to excellent placements, you could be eligible for a bursary. Initial Teacher Education (ITE) bursaries are available for those training to teach priority subjects in the Further Education sector. The Department of Education funded ITE bursary is separate from the Initial Teacher Training bursaries that are also available. 

The ITE bursaries are available for the 2020 to 2021 academic year and will be awarded to trainees* based on their qualifications or professional experience, along with their intention to teach in the FE sector. 

Please note, to receive funding you must apply for one of the eligible courses. Courses on offer at University Centre Leeds that are eligible for the ITE bursary are:

  • Mathematics – Up to £26,000 of funding available per person

Achieve a sound conceptual and practical understanding of how to influence the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in mathematics. You will also gain an in-depth knowledge of the key theoretical frameworks that underpin the acquisition of mathematics and explore how learners engage in mathematical reasoning. 

Gain knowledge and professional practice skills relating to subject specific pedagogy in SEN practice. You will build an understanding of effective teaching and learning within specialist SEN practice across a range of complex and changing contexts in the Education and Training Sector.

  • English – Up to £12,000 of funding available per person

Critically examine key theoretical frameworks relating to English language and linguistics and explore how an understanding of key theoretical frameworks relating to English language and linguistics can usefully inform the development of literacy with English language learners.

*Subject to availability. Bursaries will be supplied on a first come, first served basis and are subject to finite funding.

Eligibility criteria 

Certain criteria applies in order to be eligible for the bursaries:

  • Bursaries are for programmes starting in or after September 2020 and finishing no later than August 2021 (full-time courses) or August 2022 (part-time courses).
  • You should hold minimum Level 2 qualifications in English and mathematics, and at least a Level 3 qualification in your subject of training (or have appropriate professional experience).
  • You should be taking a qualifying pre-service ITE course in England.
  • You should not already be in possession of a diploma in education and training (DET), DET-compliant qualification or equivalent.
  • You should not already hold, or be eligible to receive, early years teacher status (EYTS), qualified teacher status (QTS) or qualified teacher learning and skills (QTLS) status. 
  • You should not be undertaking paid teaching work which contributes to your training when in receipt of the bursary.
  • You should not be simultaneously undertaking any other ITE course, training scheme or programme that leads to a DET or DET-compliant qualification.
  • You should meet other related expectations, including intending to seek an FE teaching post in England after qualification.

How to apply

Once you have applied and secured a place on one of the ITE-eligible courses, University Centre Leeds will apply for the bursary on your behalf. You may be required to provide some further details, however, we will contact you directly to obtain this after your interview. 



All information regarding fees and other related information are current but are subject to change for unforeseen reasons at the College’s absolute discretion. Please check with the College for the latest fee information. Government policy on entitlement to fee reductions and tax or benefit rules is subject to change. The information printed reflects the College’s understanding at this time but students should check the current position and their personal circumstances before committing to a College course. Students are required to pay fees by the due date and failure to do so could lead to your results not being presented to the relevant examination board, and therefore result in you not receiving your certificate.