April 23, 2021

Adele Johnson discovered that her strengths lay in marketing after completing her apprenticeship programme through University Centre Leeds.  

“After graduating with a journalism degree, I moved to Australia and took on a few different roles while trying to work out what I actually wanted to do. I worked as a social media advisor for a while, which is where my initial interest in marketing started,” she said.

Due to her visa restrictions, Adele would have had to pay for her fees upfront, as no loans were available. She continued to work in non-marketing related roles while saving up to do her master’s degree. In 2019, she made the decision to move back to the UK  knowing she would be in a better position to move into the marketing sector. 

“While I had been saving to do a master’s degree in Australia, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go back to university after moving home. One of my friends, who works in recruitment suggested I look into an apprenticeship as an option.” 

Adele researched different marketing apprenticeships on different job sites, when she came across her current role.

“It seemed to tick all the boxes I was looking for, so I applied.”

The benefits of an apprenticeship

“An apprenticeship in general appealed to me, as the idea of working and learning at the same time was ideal. I was reluctant to return to university in case I didn’t end up liking the subject and it’s a lot of money to invest. The work side of the apprenticeship appealed, as working with a university/education sector was something I felt I could put my personal experience towards.”

Plans for the future

Adele is hoping to gain the skills needed to succeed in the marketing sector. She believes  that having the theoretical knowledge and practical skills will help her as she builds a career in marketing in other sectors.

“My first role with Leeds City College was an eye opening experience. Jumping straight into the work gave me a really good idea of what to expect from a career in marketing and onto my new role. 

“I enjoyed managing marketing campaigns for Clearing and open events along with managing the creation of the 2021 prospectus for University Centre Leeds.

“In the long term, I would like to build on the knowledge gained via further studies and also continue working in the marketing sector.”