March 23, 2020
Brandon Lamb

There’s nothing more rewarding than when your degree opens the door to your dream job, which is exactly what happened to University Centre Leeds graduate, Brandon Lamb.

Within a year of achieving his BA (Hons) Computer Games degree at University Centre Leeds, Brandon secured employment as a junior environment artist at Cloud Imperium Games.

We caught up with Brandon to find out about his experience at University Centre Leeds, what inspired him to pursue games design and his role at Cloud Imperium Games.

Drawn to design

A creative at heart, Brandon started by studying music at Leeds College of Music but found a new direction in the world of computer games.

“I knew I wanted to attend university but didn’t feel that continuing my music studies was right for me. During one of the modules on the music course, I was tasked with creating audio and special effects for a 3D animated game or film.

“This led me to research 3D games design and the different technology and software used to create games. Ultimately, I found the computer games design course at Leeds City College. I then decided to further my studies beyond college and attend university,” Brandon explains.

He chose to study at University Centre Leeds as he knew the staff already, which made him feel comfortable and gave him the confidence needed to learn. The range of topics covered within his degree allowed Brandon to identify his favourite areas.

“My favourite topics to study were 3D visuals and level design/UE4. I enjoyed having an industry artist present, as I gained industry insight as well as advice and feedback which has guided me since I graduated,” says Brandon.

Brandon levels up at Cloud Imperium Games

Since graduating in 2019, Brandon has broken into the computer games industry and is working on Star Citizen, described by Cloud Imperium Games as ‘the world’s largest crowd-funded video game with more than 2 million participants’.

“My job role spans 3D modelling from concept art and meshes, LODS proxies, vert alpha blend, world environment building using Lumberyard (CryEngine), graph-based procedural layout tool, procedurally generated secondary element volumes which we call overlays, bug fixing and support, creating master materials and creating custom decals/making atlases,” Brandon says.

The skills acquired at University Centre Leeds have helped Brandon get to the top of his game within the working world.

“I learned excellent time-keeping skills and how to meet deadlines. I apply these skills in my job role to make sure all tasks are completed on time. In addition to the skills I gained, the qualification I achieved at university has allowed me to find a job where I can progress and feel happy,” explains Brandon.

The next generation of games designers

Having succeeded by getting into the cutting-edge games design and development industry, Brandon has plenty of advice for those hoping to follow in his footsteps.

“You have to believe in yourself! Set yourself realistic goals and dedicate yourself to achieving them and remember, things take time and patience. Utilise what is around you, whether you have access to equipment or other people and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!” Brandon advises.

And for those who are unsure whether to study for a degree or which degree to choose? Brandon suggests choosing a subject you enjoy if you’re unsure.

“Choose something that you will enjoy studying long-term as your degree will consume a lot of your time and patience. If you enjoy what you do, it will be worth it in the end,” he says.

It seems that Brandon is well on his way to succeeding with his dream career. To find out more about Brandon’s role and Star Citizen, click here.

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