Esports Coaching & Management Foundation Degree

Immerse yourself in the world of competitive gaming with this foundation degree in Esports Coaching & Management. With a worldwide audience of over 474 million people, this practical qualification allows you to prepare for a growing industry, whilst sharpening your understanding of game analysis, esports APIs, scrim culture and marketing principles.


About the course

By 2024, there are expected to be over 577 million viewers of esports worldwide. League of Legends World Championship finals reached 100 million unique viewers which is larger than last year’s Super Bowl of 98 million.

Newzoo predicts esports revenues to reach $1.61 billion by 2024 with the UK growing by 118% each year.

Our foundation degree in Esports Coaching & Management is tailored to prepare you for employment within the Esports industry. You will cover integral skills and requirements needed to enter the esports arena and how to stay relevant in an ever changing environment. You will look at esports ecosystems and how the industry works in its various forms of shoutcasting, coaching, management, analyst roles and marketing. There will be a strong focus on marketing and how to showcase your own skills off and utilising technology to help build yourself as a platform. This course covers:

  • Team Management
  • Sports Psychology
  • Marketing Principles
  • Esports Ecosystems
  • Scrim Culture
  • Esports API’s
  • Game Analysis
  • Communication and Team Building Skills

As you progress through the course, you will explore the latest trends and developments within the industry. Utilising skills to be able to work within multiple areas of the multidisciplinary and multifaceted industry. You will also look into the latest technological updates to ensure you stay up to date with the industrial changes. You will explore multiple areas of revenues to find and apply yourself to solidify your platform. 

We focus on employability, so work is tailored to match and meet industry standards whilst also adopting industry workflows. We emphasise personal development, encouraging you to work with industry standard software and tools to create games.

The Esports Coaching & Management course would look at developing skills with core themes that are aimed at analyst skills, coaching skills, scrim cultures, marketing, psychology and esports eco Systems. Understanding the psychology behind players performance and improvement whilst contextualising this to an esports practice. Understanding how to analyse data and create trends, team formations and foster a positive team-based culture is vital for them to develop and be successful in this area. Utilising marketing skills to be able to not only promote your teams but also to promote yourself as a “brand” in the ever growing, changing dynamic industry. 

This course is built for those who have an interest in joining the esports industry as a member of a professional esports organisation or as an analyst desk level talent such as an official analyst or shoutcaster. Learners should learn all the necessary skills needed to thrive in any organisation in any esport title.

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£7,950 Full Time (per academic year)

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University Centre Leeds

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Start Date

18th September 2023

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2 Years Full Time

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77357-10 | UCAS Course Code: I750

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Full Time