January 15, 2023

We recently caught up with Brie Tait, one of our impressive creative hair and media makeup graduates from University Centre Leeds. Last month she was in Germany, working on American Football TV network NFL. We had a chat with her about her prolific career, her time at University Centre Leeds, and what’s most important to her.

Brie Tait with a small white terrier dog on the set of Cruella (2021 film).
Brie Tait on the set of Cruella

Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you studied at University Centre Leeds?

I am a proud working mum of two, and the arts have always been my passion. I’ve studied anything creative from photography, hair, nails and makeup, and art history.

What did you enjoy the most about studying here?

The teachers! Their love, passion, and humour but also their feeling of belief in their students.

You recently worked as a hair artist for the NFL while they were filming in Germany! How did you find the experience?

Live TV is very different to film, it’s very fast pace. The experience was amazing, and I was so grateful to work on the team.

An NFL poster
National Football League Poster

It’s great that you took one of our current students with you! How important are experiences such as this for students’ professional development?’

I believe in people, and I believe it’s a hard industry to get work and substantial work. If you have the passion and desire then everyone should be given a chance.

Do you have any other work lined up for the future?

The industry is freelance with fixed contracts. I have work but, unfortunately, I’m unable to say what that upcoming work is exactly!

From working on major Netflix productions like Enola Holmes 2 to productions close to home such as Emmerdale – what would you say your top career achievements have been so far?

Poster from Hollyoaks
Poster from Enola Holmes 2

I would say:

Working on Hollyoaks and Cruella (2021)

Making my children and my nan proud of managing to work in an industry I love.

Achieving a first in my degree and being the first in my family to go to university.

Setting an example for my children; hard work, passion, and love for something will give you the direction to keep trying.

Movie poster from Cruella
Brie on the set of The Dumping Ground

What advice would you give to aspiring hair and makeup artists who want to work on a major production one day?

Train and keep up skilling!

Is there any other advice or tips you’d like to share? Especially those you wish you had when you first started out?

Be kind, humble and willing to help other people on their journey.

Everyone’s route is different, and you will find your path and keep developing with time. Don’t rush and keep training with new techniques and courses.

Enjoy growing and learning and working with some of the most talented people with an exciting industry.

Thanks so much Brie! You’re un-Brie-lievable!