November 22, 2021
Ellie Joburns, a law student at University Centre Leeds, has started a job at a local college

A ‘fantastic student’ from University Centre Leeds is pursuing a passion for helping others in her new role at a local college.

Ellie Joburns has been studying law at UC Leeds, first on the Foundation Year course before progressing on to the Bachelor of Laws  LLB (Hons), for the past three years.

Throughout her studies Ellie’s teachers have witnessed her commitment both academically and in student life where, as a class rep, she has been devoted to assisting fellow students.

Now she is celebrating landing a post at Barnsley College as a Student Engagement Officer, where she can continue to provide such support.

A rewarding juggling act

Ellie is balancing her new job, which started in October, with her continuing studies – and relishing the challenge.

She said: “I work on the days I have off university and study on evenings, breaks, just any chance I get really. It sounds a lot but little bits of study, regularly, makes it easier.

“I landed this role after applying without expectations of even receiving a call back! Little did I realise how valuable the skills I have developed here at UC Leeds would be.

“I used experiences I have from being a student rep and a student ambassador as talking points during my interview. Without the opportunities I’ve been given at UC Leeds I don’t believe I would have landed this role while still studying.”

Outstanding opportunities and support

“I love studying at UC Leeds, the small cohort appeals to me as it allows me to develop a bond with teachers. And engaging with them helps me develop my ideas and understanding, enhancing my learning experience.

“I started at the university in 2019 on Law Foundation year, then progressed onto the LLB (Hons) where I am currently in my second year. Since joining the University Centre I have had so many opportunities for personal growth both within and outside of the institution. This includes my new role, which allows me to explore working in education, and my previous roles as a student ambassador and a student rep.

“Without the support from my peers and tutors I would not have had the confidence to undertake such roles.”

Ellie’s teachers are similarly full of praise for her work ethic and enthusiasm.

A student-focused approach

Tutor for HE and Professional Studies at UC Leeds, Carlie Lowe, said: “From the get-go, Ellie has just given her everything to student life as well as academically.

“She is a terrific voice within her cohort and has built friendships for life. Her passion is helping others, and this is just one of the many skills we have seen her develop over the past three years.

“We have seen her grow academically and personally, whether that be by gaining confidence or pulling out all the stops to gain the grades she wants. She is a fantastic student; we are all very proud of her achievements and wish her well in her continuing studies with us, as well as after graduation.”

Carlie added: “The ethos at UC Leeds upholds a student-centred approach, where we not only provide academic and pastoral support, but also support for students’ individual needs, wants and aspirations.

“We believe this has helped Ellie fulfil her potential.”

Ellie is hoping to pursue a career in either teaching or the legal profession after graduation, and is currently exploring her options.More details on law courses at UC Leeds are available here.