November 8, 2021
Call It Out campaign

A new campaign has launched at University Centre Leeds, urging staff and students to call out any form of harassment or sexual misconduct. 

‘Call it out’ aims to raise awareness of the help and support available if students face discrimination, prejudice, harrassment, sexual misconduct or violence. 

The Office for Students has released national statistics showing that full-time students are more likely to experience sexual assault than those in any other occupational group. Another study showed that out of 6,000 students, nearly 50 per cent of women said they had been touched inappropriately.

Given these troubling statistics, University Centre Leeds recognises that in order to succeed,  students need to feel safe while studying  and be part of a community that recognises and celebrates diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Taking Action

‘Call it out’ encourages staff and students to take four key steps in order to prevent and tackle harassment and sexual misconduct:

  • Keep informed
    Increase your awareness of unacceptable behaviour
  • Report it
    Speak to a trusted member of staff if you experience harassment.
  • Be an ally
    Stand against any form of harassment and support those around you.
  • Access support
    University Centre Leeds will support students who have experienced harassment or sexual misconduct. 

University-wide support

Higher Education Student Support Manager at University Centre Leeds, Emma Lockwood, said: “The reason for the campaign is to demonstrate to our students that any unacceptable behaviour will be taken seriously at University Centre Leeds and that they do not have to deal with any incidents alone.

“I hope the campaign will also create a dialogue between staff and students about inappropriate behaviour and what we can do as an institution to provide further support.

“We will encourage these conversations by asking staff and students to make a pledge, standing against harassment and sexual misconduct, along with encouraging them to share their ideas about how to do this.”

Further information

Students can find out more information about the campaign on the University Centre Leeds hub page, along with information about what harassment and sexual misconduct is and how to report any concerns.