August 6, 2018

The University Centre has announced all the nominations for this year’s Student of the Year Award.

Each student has been recognised for their unique journey, achievements and challenges to succeed.

Rebecca Foster – Supporting Teaching and Learning Foundation Degree

Rebecca has progressed from the Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3 course at Leeds City College and has a positive attitude to learning. She is always professional whilst in college and at her work placement and has been an ambassador to promote her course to potential new students alongside her tutor.

Emily Horne – Business, Enterprise and Management Foundation Degree

Emily has outstanding attendance and is a pleasure to teach. She is a very diligent student, never misses a deadline and is completely engaged in her learning.

Molik Miah – Leadership and Management Foundation Degree

Molik is a great student, who has returned to study after a number of years working. His attendance is excellent and his work is of an extremely high standard. Most of all, Molik stands out because he is supportive to his fellow students and helps ensure that they all have a positive learning experience.

Rebecca Morley – Children’s Care, Learning and Development Foundation Degree

Rebecca has worked really hard to improve her grades during this year and has taken advantage of the support given for her dyslexia. She is always cheerful and supports her peers.

Ruth Mukisa – Social Care Foundation Degree

Ruth has been nominated for her commitment, dedication and improvement throughout the course. At the end of her first year, she even got a promotion at her workplace.

At the beginning of year 2, the quality of her work had improved so much her grade average went up a couple of bands. Just before Christmas, Ruth fell and fractured her leg; and had some complications following surgery.

During this time, she has been undertaking her university work as distance learning and has continued to remain motivated and committed. With the use of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and liaising with tutors via phone and email, has maintained her high standard of work and kept to the deadlines set.

Victoria Partridge – Dance BA (Hons)

Tori is a high achieving student, who is extremely bright and totally committed to her studies. She is hugely autonomous in her thirst for knowledge and self-development.

She is conscientious; always meeting deadlines early, asking pertinent questions and has an excellent attendance record. Tori also works well as part of a team. Throughout her time on the course, she has led from the front; brought others along with her and always willing to share her ideas with her peers.

Keiran Richardson – Leadership and Management Foundation Degree

Keiran’s attendance is exceptional and works to a very high standard. He has never missed a deadline and is a pleasure to teach.

Deborah Smith – Health and Wellbeing Foundation Degree

Deborah is a consistently hard working student who has achieved very good grades despite being a carer for her grandad and overcoming challenges at her workplace.

Her concepts for her health and wellbeing assignment has resulted in a policy change at her workplace, which was implemented last month. They now have two separate infection control procedures for in- and out-patients (as a result of the audit she carried out for the assignment); and implemented new competency evidence requirements.

Anna Szoda – Leadership and Management Foundation Degree

Anna attends all sessions and is extremely engaged and enquiring, asking questions and giving opinions which adds to the class dynamic in a very positive manner. She is supportive of her fellow students; always providing help and advice.

Sabrina Tait – Fashion, Theatrical and Media Hair and Makeup BA (Hons)

Sabrina started the course three years ago as an adult learner who was nervous about returning to academic study. She has worked tirelessly to constantly develop and improve, showing ultimate dedication to every project she undertakes.

Through her hard work, Sabrina has achieved outstanding marks throughout. She has also made contacts in a competitive film industry, always emailing and contacting people for work experience and opportunities and is successful in making these links. As a result, she has worked with Opera North, the Northern Youth theatre company plus many more. She also takes time to help her fellow peers; giving them help, advice and encouragement.

Aamta Waheed – Art Enterprise BA (Hons)

Aamta is an exemplary student who has overcome great hurdles personally, socially and culturally. She came to this course from a background in backstage and technical performance art. Over the last year, she has worked hard to get to grips with the theory of art and how to communicate sophisticated and complex ideas and theories.

The work Aamta makes deals with the cultural barriers that come from being a female Asian artist. She has been headstrong and steadfast in her approach to making art that discusses the cultural confines she has experienced throughout her life.

She has organised community workshops to engage with other young Asian females, as a platform for them to share their struggles and inspire them. Aamta deserves recognition for her tremendous work and her representation of an often unidentified area of society within the arts.

Aaron Werle – Business, Enterprise and Management Foundation Degree

Aaron has shown considerable improvement during the year. He has worked very hard at his assessments and moved up at least 2/3 grade categories.

La’Troya Wilkinson-Caines – LLB

La’Troya has progressed to the LLB from the Access to Higher Education Diploma: Law, which she studied at Leeds City College. She is always cool and calm, and has been instrumental in the creation and management of the new Leeds City College Law Society, that will support the career and personal progression of law students from across the college. La’Troya works hard, has a passion and love for her subject, her fellow students, and the institution.

Dora Zsiros – Tourism and Aviation Foundation Degree

Dora has worked to a consistently high level for the last two years, as well as achieving 100% attendance on her course, all whilst working as a passenger service assistant at Leeds Bradford Airport.

As Group Rep, Dora is always willing to attend meetings and give up her own time when asked. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she always does everything with a smile!