July 12, 2021
Children and Young People's Care and Education student Paige Alderson

As a busy Preschool Assistant, Paige Alderson knows all about the value and challenges of education.

Her drive to keep improving professionally has inspired Paige to embark on her very own educational journey at University Centre Leeds.

She is currently making good progress towards gaining a BA (Hons) in Children and Young People’s Care and Education after successfully completing a Foundation Degree in Supporting Teaching and Learning.

Paige’s accomplishments are all the more impressive considering that she has had to juggle her academic duties with a demanding job, all while overcoming the extra challenge of having dyslexia.

The power of staying focused

She said: “I am a firm believer in maintaining focus, keeping motivated and following your dreams as anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

“Continuing from Level 5 onto Level 6 in my higher education was the best decision I’ve made. I never imagined getting higher grades than I achieved in the previous year, however it is possible and I managed to hit a whole grade band higher!

“This has amazed me as I struggle in education due to having dyslexia. But with confidence and self-belief anything is possible to achieve.”

Self-belief is key

Paige added: “I had the same level of interest in the course this time, the same drive to succeed and the same timescale as before.

“However, by having a different teaching style between live sessions and pre-recorded ones, I was able to make more notes and allow more time to research  terms, articles and resources needed for the duration of the course.

“Being able to go back and access PowerPoint presentations and listen to what the tutor said over and over again boosted my knowledge and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.”

A flourishing student

Higher Education Childcare Programme Manager, Vicki Marshment, has enjoyed watching Paige’s progress.

She said: “Paige has attended every session during the academic year of 2020-21 and has flourished throughout with her assessment grades.

“During all online sessions, Paige is very much involved with class discussions, offering great insight to her peers about her own professional practice working in a preschool with children aged two to four.

“It is always a pleasure to have Paige in the Level 6 sessions and we as a team are very much looking forward to seeing her achieve the overall qualification in the next academic year.”

The BA (Hons) in Children and Young People’s Care and Education is offered by University Centre Leeds as a ‘top-up’ qualification for those who have completed a foundation degree.

The course includes a dissertation which focuses on each student’s particular area of interest.

For more details about the courses on offer visit University Centre Leeds .